The Funeral

Dealing With The Departed

Funeral Plans

When someone you love has died, the last thing you really want to spend a lot of time thinking about is how you will bury him/her. You are grieving, and that is natural. But unless the deceased had the forethought to put together burial instructions, you may have to be the one to choose the casket.

Choosing The Right Material

While most of us were raised to think of a casket as a long wooden box, not all caskets are made the same. Today more people are opting for a custom-made casket and often one made out of metal instead of wood. These metal caskets have become popular because they will not disintegrate, guaranteeing the family that their loved one will be safely preserved for a long time.

Choosing The Process

While burial may seem like an obvious choice to you, not everyone sees this the same way. As more people become aware of just how much of our land is tied up in cemetery plots, some are choosing to be cremated instead of buried. While it may not be your choice, you must consider if it might have been the choice of the one who has passed.

Make It A Memorial

Finally, it is a good idea to create some kind of ceremony where those who loved this person can share memories of the good times. For some this will be a memorial, often held in a church. For others it will be a wake that may feel more like a party then a farewell. But a beer on the coffin may be just the idea of how he or she wants to be sent off to the next station.

Whatever you choose and however you choose it, take the needs of those around you into consideration. While it is never easy to be the one left with this task, do it with care and love. Soon enough, it will be your turn to be making plans for what kind of coffin you chose for your ceremony.

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